• The Academy aims at fostering and developing Tiatr and its dances, music, songs and literature more particularly Konkani Literature in Roman script and also promoting through them the cultural unity of the State & the country.
  • The Academy for the attainment of the above aims and objects shall have the following powers and functions, namely:-
    1. To co-ordinate the activities of its affiliated bodies functioning in various parts of the State of Goa,
    2. To encourage exchange of ideas and techniques between various parts of the State of Goa with regards to dance, music, song and literature related to Tiatr,
    3. To promote tiatr and to do research in the field of Tiatr, its music, dances, songs and literature,
    4. To publish literature and establish a library and museum,
    5. To co-operate with similar institutions in other States for the furtherance of its objects and for enrichment of the Indian Culture as a whole,
    6. To encourage the establishment and development of Tiatr centres in the State of Goa.
    7. To encourage the setting up of institutions, providing training in the art of Tiatr including instruction in acting, direction, stage setting, light effects, sound effects, Tiatr music, script writing, production of plays. And all other aspects related to Tiatr,
    8. To establish and maintain its own Model Institutions for studies and research work in Tiatr and its dance, music, song and literature,
    9. To encourage and assist production of new Tiatr by awarding prizes and distinctions,
    10. To assist meritorious organizations working in the field of Tiatr,
    11. To encourage the development of dramatic activities in Children’s Tiatr in its various forms,
    12. To award prizes and distinctions and give recognition to individual artists for outstanding achievements in the field of Tiatr and its dance, music, song and literature,
    13. To promote cultural exchange in the field of Tiatr and its dance, music, song and literature with other States and organize Tiatr Festivals,
    14. To collect funds by way of donations and to receive grants from the Government and administer the same funds,
    15. In furtherance of its subjects, purchase land, own property in its various forms and to maintain, sell, mortgage or otherwise dispose of the same. However, prior approval of the Government shall be obtained for transfer and sell of any immovable property,
    16. To maintain a fund to which shall be credited:-
      1. all moneys received from the local or Central Government,
      2. all moneys received in any other manner or sources,
    17. To do all such acts and things, whether incidental to the power aforesaid or not, as may be required in order to further the objects of the Academy.