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Does the Tiatr make an impact on the minds of the audience? Basically most of the Tiatrs are based on themes which directly touch our souls. The audience response in the auditorium is very impressive. It appears that the people in the auditorium are moved by the message of the Tiatr or the song. But no, it is only momentary. There is no effect on the lives at all. This is because the Tiatr audience views the Tiatr as medium of entertainment only.

However Tiatr and songs in the Tiatr created awareness and roused the feelings and emotions of the Goans during the time of Opinion Poll and during the struggle for making Konkani the official language of Goa.


Goan Tiatr took birth in neighboring Bombay, almost 119 years back i.e. in 1892. A young man called Lucazinho Ribeiro hailing from Sokolwaddo, Assagao in Bardez Taluka can be called the innovator of the Tiatr because he along with Joao Agostinho Fernandes and others staged the first Tiatr performance on the occasion of Easter on 17th April, 1892. The name of the first Tiatr presented was “Italian Bhurgo”. This Tiatr was written and directed by Lucazinho Ribeiro hence he is the inventor of this unique dramatic form.

Joao Agostinho Fernandes hailing from Margao, Salcete who wrote and directed numerous Tiatrs and gave a high standard of excellence to the Tiatr Stage. He even published his Tiatr manuscripts in book form over hundred years back. He was rightly called the ‘Father of Tiatr’.