Meet the Artiste

Tiatr Academy of Goa held their ‘Meet the Artiste’ programme on 4th, January, 2023 at the Black Box of Ravindra Bhavan, Margao- Goa.

Sucorina J.Costa and Norman Cardozo was the “Artistes” in this programme. They were interviewed by another famous tiatrist and singer on Konkani stage, Hortencio Pereira. Shri.Menino Fernandes, (Menino De Bandar) President of TAG welcomed all the guest and tiatr lovers and introduced Sucorina Costa, Norman Cardozo and Hortencio Pereira . A special Brochure published on the occasion was released with the detail information of both the Tiatr artiste.

There were many tiatr lovers, family & friends who attended the programme and interacted with Sucorina Costa and Norman Cardozo, like C.D’Silva, Norman Cardozo, Angela, Fausto Da Costa, Ben Evangelisto and many tiatrist.

Sucorina Costa and Norman Cardozo thanked to all their well-wishers and friends who attended the programme and shared their views with him.
As a token of remembrance, TAG presented a memento to Sucorina Costa and Norman Cardozo at the hands of the President,TAG, Shri.Menino Fernandes (Minin de Bandar). Shri.Socorro Fernandes, Vice president of TAG proposed the vote of thanks.