Schemes of TAG

Tiatr Academy of Goa

  1. Oral Documentation of History of Tiatr
  2. Documentation OF Tiatr through Research Work
  3. Documentation (and research) Assistantship Scheme
  4. Preservation of Tiatr Literature
  5. Scholarship to Students for Research Related to Tiatr
  6. Promotion of Tiatr through workshops
  7. Orientation Courses in Tiatr
  8. Raising the Standard of Tiatr
  9. Promotion of Tiatr Music
  10. Financial Assistance to Troupes Going to Mumbai/ Poona and Other Parts of the Country & Vice Versa
  11. Financial Assistance to Dramatic Troupes Participating in Kala Academy’s Annual Tiatr Competition
  12. Financial Assistance for encouraging production of Traditional Khell-Tiatr
  13. Commemoration of Jubilees/Birth Anniversaries of Tiatr Artistes of Yesteryears
  14. Remembering Tiatr Artistes of Yesteryears – Organisation of Special Dedicated Programmes
  15. Somplolea Tiatristancho Ugddas
  16. Production of Tiatr in Villages/Urban Areas/Educational Institutions
  17. Production of Audio Albums of songs on Patriotism & National Integration
  18. Promotion of Tiatr Related Activities
  19. Promotion of Tiatr for schools
  20. Tiatr Script Writing Competition
  21. Promotion of Patriotism/National Integration/Communal Harmony – ‘Interschool Choreographic Dancing Competition’
  22. Promotion of Patriotism/National Integration/Communal Harmony – Production of Musical Programme or Tiatr
  23. Promotion of Konkani Songs with Choreography & Dancing
  24. Promotion of Duets/Duos/Trios/Quartets/Quintets/Choral Songs
  25. All Goa One-Act Play Competition in Konkani
  26. Children’s Tiatr Competition
  27. Competition of Zomnivoilo Khell
  28. Popular Tiatr Competition
  29. Award Winning Tiatr Festival
  30. Meet the Tiatr Artiste
  31. Visit to Old/Sick Artiste
  32. Lifetime Contribution to Tiatr Awards – (Commercial)
  33. Lifetime Contribution to Tiatr Awards – (Non -Commercial)
  34. Lifetime Contribution to Khell/Khell-Tiatr Awards
  35. Lifetime Contribution to Konkani Cinema Awards
  36. Young Achievers Awards
  37. Konkani Song & Music Awards (Tiatr Kantaram)
  38. Financial Assistance to Commercial Tiatr Troupes/Directors/Producers for Stage Setting
  39. Exhibition/Purchase of books on Tiatr, its Song and Music
  40. Tiatr Competition for Educational Institutions at Higher Secondary/College/University level